All around the world the illegal wildlife trade is responsible for the illegal slaughter of tens of thousands of our animals every year, pushing some of the species to the very edge of extinction. United for Wildlife consists of the seven largest conservation charities in the world. The Duke of Cambridge is the chairman, he is backed by Prince Harry with ambassadors such as Sir David Beckham and Andy Murray.


United for Wildlife is not looking for money, but instead for global support via social media. Pick a side and add your voice to this international campaign. Join the fight to save our animals. Use the global #WhoseSideAreYouOn or visit the Facebook page United For Wildlife and website www.unitedforwildlife.com

Send you images to info@rhinosinafrica.com and join our gallery below:

Seb Matheson, Bishops 1st XV Captain 2011 

Wild Boys, Bishops rugby team

South African Rugby legend, Francois Pienaar