Global March for Elephants and Rhinos Incorporated (GMFER) is a non profit organisation registered in the USA registration EIN #81-1276522. Megan Carr, founder of Rhinos in Africa is a core strategist within  this organisation.  

 GMFER advocates on behalf of the worlds last land-based mega fauna.  Not only are Rhinos and Elephants iconic creatures, they are also important keystone species that are absolutely vital for the survival of plant and other animal species in their home ranges.

GMFER demands the end to the trade in Ivory and Rhino Horn.  As long as there is a consumer market for these products the scourge of poaching, killing some 100 Elephants a day and over 1000 Rhinos a year for products that are unnecessary and without medicinal value, will continue.

GMFER has been very active for the past three years and we have much to celebrate.  GMFER and its affiliates directly advocated for the US  trade ban campaigns at the local, state, and national levels.  It has used its voice to help apply pressure for destroying stockpiles in Africa, Asia and the USA, and to end both the international and the domestic trade in Ivory and Rhino horn.  GMFER applauds the actions made by governments and the people  on behalf of the continued survival of Elephants and Rhinos.  

Organising global  marches over the past three years was and is a massive and exuberant effort. These marches have helped raise global awareness about the horrific  crises facing Elephants and Rhinos.  We have brought to the world’s attention the issue of Chinas’s culpability in their decimation on the African continent.  Millions of people have been and are being reached through the readership of publications that covered the marches and reported about them globally.  

Their message has been loud and clear on all social media platforms.  The politicians of the world have browsed this media and the reports, with some deciding to take action, such as happened in Malawi.  Furthermore, less than ten days before the 2015 marches took place, US President Barack Obama and China’s President Xi Jin Ping agreed to put restrictions upon the Ivory trade.  This agreement is a vital, necessary and welcome step in the right direction. 

However, still more must be done: GMFER demands a full ban on both Ivory and the Rhino horn trade, worldwide.  They also demand an end to the continued trophy hunting of at risk species, whether in the world or in canned hunts.  

These demands on behalf of the survival and well being of Elephants, Rhinos and Lions are outlined in GMFER’S Memorandum of Demands (MoD)

In 2016, the marches were signalled out by US Department of State’s new platform, Share America, as one of the three big wins for Elephants of 2015.  They said: “ According to experts, these marches keep political pressure on the leaders to to protect the worlds largest land animal. 
Other 2015 achievements by the GMFER organisation and its affiliates include:  
Press coverage and publicity about the crisis situation for African wildlife by protesting meetings and safari package sanctions of the Dallas Safari Club.

San Francisco Board of Superiors passes a resolution in Support of Californian AB 96 banning the trade in Ivory and Rhino Horn  with the League of Humane Voters push passage to ban all exotic animal performances. 

Use of the San Francisco March for Elephants material as an example of a successful social media conservation campaign strategy by African Wildlife Foundation at the Advisory Council Meeting in Washington DC.

Gathering of signatures and testifying on behalf of Passing California’s AB 96 BANNING ALL TRADE IN IVORY AND RHINO HORN.

Endorsement of The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos by Helen Clark, Ricky Gervais, Jane Goodall, Richard Leakey and Dame Daphne Sheldrick.
Acknowledgement by South African Minister of Environmental Affairs Edna Molewa of receipt of GMFER’S proposed Amendments to Legislation for South  Africa (PALSA) concerning Rhino conservation and a ban on Rhino  horn trade and the Memorandum Of Demand for ending in the Trade of Ivory.  

Submissions of Memoranda of Demand to countries implicated in the trade in Ivory and/or Rhino horn.

Supported the activities of Kenyans United against poaching (KUAPO) in its work with aiding local communities on anti-poaching initiatives.
The GMFER organisation expects that in 2016 they will  be even more successful in their endeavours to raise global awareness for the plight of the most endangered species on this planet.   Their plans for the marches in September are  well underway.  The GMFER march in Johannesburg will coincides with the opening of the 17th Conference of Parties (CoP17) in Sandton, Johannesburg, the world’s biggest wildlife trade conference.  The laws that effect our Elephant, Rhino and Lion will be addressed.  GMFER has three representatives attending the conference in official capacities. Megan Carr is attending and will be presenting to 60 invited delegates.   They are lobbying with the support of the entire organisation  to ensure that our Elephant, Rhino and Lion are offered the most support and protection possible.

GMFER also has  some new projects underway.  There are more Ivory and Rhino horn bans already set to begin working thought State legislatures in the USA.  The founder of GMFER Rosemary Alles moved to South Africa in April this year and is working on the frontline with two non profit organisations.   
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The seventeenth meeting of the conference of  the parties to CITES (CoP17)  the world’s largest wildlife conference, opens at the Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg on Heritage Day 24th September 2016.  With its  181 party members CITES remains the world’s most powerful tool in the conservation, through regulation of international trade of over 35000 species, of our wildlife. Delegates will cast votes that will impact the fate of our most endangered species.

We need a massive global voice to pressure these delegates to vote for the strictest possible protection of our endangered species.  In 2015 more than 130 cities around the world participated in Global March for Elephants and Rhinos awareness campaigns. GMFER is an international registered non profit organisation, according to the experts these marches and events keep  pressure on political leaders to protect the world’s most endangered species.  This year’s events are poised to be the largest unified global demonstration of its kind.  

GMFER is calling upon the CITES delegates to vote in support of APPENDIX 1 and to vote AGAINST TRADE offering our Elephants and Rhinos the most protection possible.

GMFER  believes that it does not matter which data you choose to look at there is no denying  that the keystone species of elephants, rhinos and lions  are heading towards extinction, killing the demand for IVORY and RHINO HORN is the key to their absolution.  

Megan Carr founder of the  Rhinos in Africa Foundation is organising the first event of the 2016 calendar.  On Friday 23rd September 2016 Megan is holding a vigil to celebrate World Rhino Day the event will be held in the beautiful Wynberg Park, in Wynberg in Cape Town, South Africa.  The event will start at 4pm.   

Founder of the GMFER organisation Rosemary Alles, with Dex Kotze and Megan Carr core strategists for GMFER  are organising  the event in Johannesburg.    They have garnished  the support of many of the most well known local conservation organisations.  The event in Johannesburg starts at 8am at George Lea Park.  The attendees will walk to the Sandton Convention Centre where  the CoP17 conference will  officially opened at 10.30 am. 

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